Thursday, March 24, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church Was To Protest Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

The Westboro Baptist church has plans to picket Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral. This is the same group that pickets the funerals of fallen United States service members and recently won a Supreme Court decision to continue their protests.

It is hard to think of anything more disrespectful than picketing a funeral to make a political point. An article titled “Elizabeth Taylor funeral to be protested by Westboro Baptist Church” by Edicio Martinez March 24, 2011 and posted on the CBS News website details the communication sent by Westboro indicating their intentions.

This organization seems to have no regard for the family members of soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice. Now this Kansas based group is trying to grab the ultimate headline by protesting at its highest profile funeral yet. Elizabeth Taylor's funeral was March 24, 2011 and no mention was made of Westboro being there.

Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of the Constitution, but respect for other is a cornerstone of human decency.

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  1. These "people" are horrid, plain and simple. They care not for peoples rights, feelings or private time. It's like they are 5 years old and want all attention to themselves.

    They get even worse when you point out their own faults. How they can still claim to be followers of the Christian god is amazing to me.. even sinners are nicer than these people. I wrote twice on them, one of which was a Q&A thing with them (which of course they laughed at because it points out faults they refuse to admit)

    I wonder if they are even people anymore...