Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mitt Romney – Vampire Capitalist, Vulture Capitalist or Big Boss Man

The Republican establishment is pushing Mitt Romney as their selection to run for President of the United States and defeat President Barack Obama. Who is Mitt Romney? Is he a Vampire Capitalist, Vulture Capitalist or is he just the big boss man.

Mitt Romney has been very successful in terms of his personal and business financial ventures. In fact Romney was so successful that he is bringing in more per day on his investments than the annual gross income in the United States. That means that Romney is financially coasting faster daily that the average American can do working all year.

Rick Perry called Mitt Romney a vulture capitalist, but was he really a vulture capitalist? Vultures come in after their target is already dead by other means. It seemed that in those cases where Romney invested in a company that ultimately went out of business when he was heading Bain Capital, Romney was a very active hunter and in more of a vampire capitalist mode. Vampires attack and drain their victims and continue to attack them over time eventuality leaving them for the vulture capitalists to dispose of any remnant wealth. In a sense Rick Perry’s description of Mitt Romney was a bit off target.


In any respect Romney is having difficulty selling his case to many Republican voters. You see, Romney is the big boss man that comes to town every so often to visit the local company site. You have all experienced this at one time or another. You are told to tidy up your work area because the “big man” is coming to town. While it is fine to have a sense of respect and even a tinge of fear when the “big man” comes to town, do you want to vote for him to be President of the United States. You know what the “big man” does in the board room with the string of a pen. One signature from the “big man” could close your work site, lay you off or cut your pay. This “big boss man” Mitt Romney is not a member of the 1%, he is a member of the .006%. Does he feel your pain?

There are visions of Mitt Romney running roughshod over President Obama in a debate that smacks of fantasy. Remember, the government is not a company where the CEO gives orders and everyone else falls in line. Also those supporting Mitt Romney should remember his business experience was ruled by making profits. Governments function is not to make a profit be to serve the people. If serving the people takes a back seat to making profits, then look out for the vampire and vulture capitalists because their guy is trying to get in on the inside.