Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Never Too Late To Be A Father - Even On Father's Day

 D T Pollard - Father
Father's Day comes around every year and there are some children that curse at the sound of their father's name because they feel he has fallen down on the job. Some mother's would rather spit on their children's father instead of embrace him because of the bad blood and animosity between them. Let's not pretend that all dads are great fathers, but it's not too late to start.

Some fathers have always stepped up and did what was expected of them and they are to be commended, because sometimes it can become difficult to hold it together for yourself during tough times and still be the kind of dad you should be to your children.The last few years have but some men under the pressure of unemployment and not being able to provide the standard of living their family was accustomed to in the past, but a real dad will remember what the essential things are that need to be provided to his family. The things that matter are love, security and togetherness. Stepping outside of your own comfort zone, putting your pride aside and doing what it takes to take care of your responsibilities as a father is the key to it all.

My father and mother went to the great beyond together 27 years ago in a tragic automobile accident, but he was made of something I saw often when I was young. With little education and few of the advantages we have now he raised 9 children, owned his home and did what it took to provide.  It was a different world where marriage, commitment and keeping your word meant everything and those that took those things lightly were not looked upon in a favorable light, but times have changed. Today we often glorify irresponsibility in the name of fame, fortune and pleasure. Some of our biggest stars are known for little more that their outrageous frivolity while the real heroes do what's required in anonymity.

Those out there that feel they have fallen short or suffer broken and damaged relationships with your children, this is Father's Day and it may be the best time to make the next Father's Day a better one.