Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hello 911! I'm Reporting A Stolen Presidency

Donald J Trump

Hello 911! This is the American public. We would like to report a stolen United States Presidential election. The crime occurred primarily during the year 2016. Do we have a prime suspect? Yes we do. He is a White man about 6 feet 3 inches tall, well over 200 pounds. He has an orangish complexion and thinning hair he wears in a comb-over. His age? About 73. His name? Donald J. Trump. Yes. The President of the United States! That's him! Why do We think he stole the election? He was standing there in front of national television television cameras, reporters and millions of people watching asking for Russia to help him destroy his opponent and they did what he asked. How do I know that?. Special counsel Mueller just indicted Russian government agents for stealing emails from Democrats and it started the same day Trump asked them to on television. Yes I know Meuller is working on the case, but I want to report what was stolen to get it on the record. Do you have a pad to write this down?

Okay, Trump stole the Presidency, at least two Supreme Court Justices, a lot of federal court justices and what could amount to almost $1.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money with his new tax plan. Yeah, that's a lot of money. So if he's caught how do we get all this back? I mean I want a new election or at least to have this crook and all the people he brought in with them thrown out. I mean he ruined our reputation as a country and where do we go to get our good name back. Okay, I'm ready for the police report number.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why Voting Matters – Kennedy Retires - Trump Gets Another Supreme Court Pick

Here we go again. Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court and Trump will get to place another Justice on the bench of the highest court in the land. A lot of people were not excited about Clinton and did not vote or voted third party and Trump won. The entire episode of Trump winning by about 70,000 votes in three states has changed the direction, character and standing of the United States in the world. Trump will select the most right wing judge possible that can get confirmed. Many of the protections we take for granted will be at risk like Roe versus Wade on abortion.

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There is very little Democrats can do to block a Trump Supreme Court pick since the rules only require a simple majority to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. Republicans just won multiple decisions out of the Supreme Court due to Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch. People must take their votes more seriously or one day we will wake up in a country we don’t recognize.  

Let Them Eat Beautiful Chocolate Cake

When the Republican tax plan was signed into law near the end of 2017 we were told that the lower tax rates on business would allow them to keep more of their profits and pour money back into jobs in the United States and employee pay. Six months in the year of 2018 and it seems that the tax plan was not working as sold. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated the following:

Real average hourly earnings were unchanged, seasonally adjusted, from May 2017 to May 2018. Combined with a 0.3- percent increase in the average workweek, real average weekly earnings increased by 0.3 percent over this period.

So if increased profits from companies paying lower taxes didn’t go to workers in the form of higher wages, where did that extra money go. Large public companies use their additional profits to buy their own stock back and pay dividends to their shareholders. As warned by many, the trickle down of trickle-down economics never happened, but according to the Congressional Budget Office the tax plan is pushing the United States towards a debt disaster:

At 78 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), federal debt held by the public is now at its highest level since shortly after World War II. If current laws generally remained unchanged, CBO projects, growing budget deficits would boost that debt sharply over the next 30 years; it would approach 100 percent of GDP by the end of the next decade and 152 percent by 2048. That amount would be the highest in the nation’s history by far. Moreover, if lawmakers changed current law to maintain certain policies now in place—preventing a significant increase in individual income taxes in 2026, for example—the result would be even larger increases in debt. The prospect of large and growing debt poses substantial risks for the nation and presents policymakers with significant challenges.  

Many Americans are cheering the politicians enacting these budget busting and economic crisis inducing policies, so where is the pushback from those of means with platforms? The current tax plan is structured to pump a lot of money into the bank accounts of those at the top of the economic ladder and has bought their silence. As for the rest who will shoulder the debt, get no pay raises and possibly have their Medicare and Social Security cut to lower the self-inflicted deficit, the message is like Trump said about his meal with China’s President Xi,”It was the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake.”

It seems, like Marie-Antoinette, Trump is saying let them eat the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake.

Photo of cake authored by Carl Black from Decatur, GA, US - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trump and The Art of Hate Baiting

President Donald Trump

 Hate baiting is Trumpism's answer to race baiting. Tell them they are just hate baiting when a Trump supporter goes hateful with words that really don't matter.

Liberals and progressives have long been subject to getting a knee jerk response of race baiting whenever issues around racial discrimination or racial injustice were raised in order to take the legitimacy out of whatever the underlying argument was about. It did not matter if the issues were concerning African American deaths at the hands of police or harsh treatment of migrants from nations south of the United States border, the instant the color of the individuals involved were mentioned the reply from those unwilling to entertain race as a factor in the negative outcome was that race baiting was involved to cloud the discussion. We have now entered a new era under President Donald Trump when so-called race baiting on one side should be replaced by hate baiting on the other.

It should be clear that the type of insulting, vitriolic and often racist language coming from Trump and his supporters should have a label, hate baiting. Hate baiting is using intentionally toxic language such as calling Black athletes kneeling to protest police violence against African Americans sons-of-bitches, said migrants were infesting America and called the press the enemy of the people. Hate baiting has gone from words to actions with migrant children separated from their parents. Hate baiting by Trump and his supporters is designed to provoke a like response from opponents that will allow a coordinated attack by Trump supporters citing a lack of civility. Hate baiting includes flaunting demeaning acts such as former Trump campaign manager Corey R. Lewandowski when on a televised news interview made a dismissive, womp womp, sound when another guest mentioned a migrant child with downs syndrome child separated from his parents at the border. Lewandowsky was vilified by the left for his remarks, but lauded by Trump supporters. President Trump rewarded Lewandowsky with a seat on Air Force One as he flew to a campaign rally where he was applauded by the crowd in attendance. Hate baiting is a strategy and responding in kind is a trap for Trump policy opponents, but it is understandable when turning the other cheek just gets you another slap on your face.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters fell into the hate baiting trap and was attacked on all sides, but I guess she was tired of getting slapped in her face.

Next time Trump or his his supporters say something in the most hateful way possible, take their power and tell them they are just hate baiting. 

Let us try to save those hate baiting responses for voting if we can hold out.     

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Teacher's Walkout At Breaking Point - Rotten Apple

Image Attribution: Roberta F.

Public school teachers have staged walkouts in multiple states in protest for higher pay and more funding for public schools. When watching some of these teachers being interviewed, it is difficult to reconcile that individuals in our society with some of the highest education levels among us have to work side jobs and still not be able to make ends meet. One teacher said he could not afford to enroll his wife in the health insurance plan provided for him as a teacher. When reviewing a national list of average teacher pay it was eye opening. Starting salaries ranged from the low $30,000 range to the mid $40,000 range. After years of experience the top pay was still under $80,000.  Don't look at the higher end salaries in a vacuum because they are often in very high cost of living areas. Let us be reminded that these are people with college degrees and some have multiple Master's degrees. With college degrees come student loans and debt. Many of these teachers are still paying off their own student loans and now their children are ready for college. Almost all of these teachers did into their own pockets to pay for supplies for the their classrooms and students. Why have we allowed teachers and our public education system to be starved for resources the way they are. Our public schools and the people that keep them going seem to have become and afterthought, just like the American infrastructure.

Our public schools have become the place children go to five days per week while their parents are working. The kids are dropped off, picked up by a bus, drive or walk to school five days a week and show up back home later in the day. What happens during that school day is not top-of-mind to the vast majority of Americans, but not to the teachers and students. Teachers deal with the issues, attitudes and behaviors students bring with them on a daily basis. Teachers deal with the lack of resources provided to them with undiminished expectations when it comes to performance and student test scores whether they can pay their bills or not. Being a teacher may be a calling, but it should not be a sacrifice through hardship and economic deprivation. We must think of our public education system as part of our national infrastructure and if it is not invested in, it will crumble just like our highways. Funneling money into the pockets of the wealthy at the cost of everything else is a recipe for disaster. 

Thus far the walkouts have been in states that solidly supported Donald Trump in the prior Presidential election. There are dots to be connected that can not be ignored. Funding of public schools is a function of federal, state and local governments. President Trump appointed an anti-public school advocate as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. DeVos is a supporter of moving public schools funds to private and religious schools. Teachers and those supporting them need to connect the dots and make sure they are voting in their best interests in the future. Teacher need to be thanked, appreciated and PAID! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

BOTUS - Bully Of The United States

BOTUS - Bully Of The United States

Donald Trump is destroying the office of the President of the United States from the inside out due to his inability to rise above high school levels of pettiness and skin thinner than an onion's. With everything going on in the world from North Korea, ISIS and health care bill debate, Trump decided to launch a sexist personal attack against MSNBC news personality Mika Brzezinski. Trump didn't like the criticism that came his way on the show Morning Joe and tweeted the below:

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29, 2017
    I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29, 2017 Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

When he gets attacked "he will punch back 10 times harder," response from First Lady Melania Trump defending Donald Trump's twitter attack on a cable news anchor.

Donald Trump is not some teenager trading insults with another teenager. Donald Trump is President ofthe United States, except he does not understand what that means. This is what a minority of voters forced upon us as President of the United States due to the quirk of the Electoral College. Trump is a seventy one year old engaging in serial lying and bullying from the lofty perch of the office of President of the United States. Donald Trump is systematically destroying the prestige and credibility of the office of President of the United States from the inside out like worm destroys the fruit in inhabits until it is just a hollow shell.

Trump does not rise to the level to be call POTUS, but he is the first President to be the BOTUS, Bully Of The United States. Will this national nightmare ever end?