Monday, May 9, 2011

The January 2010 Day That Osama bin Laden Watched Television

 Video of President Obama That Was On bin Laden's TV
Enlarged Image

Osama bin Laden watched television during one day in January 2010 and decided to record himself watching old footage of his prior adventures. There was one quick image that flashed across his television screen that gave away the exact date the video was made.

As Osama bin Laden went from one recording of himself to another there was a slight glimpse of an image that flashed across the screen. That image was of United States president Barack Obama stepping up to a podium to make an announcement. If that brief image is frozen it becomes fairly clear.

By freezing that image and searching through video images of events at the White House on the White House website, the date that Osama bin Laden made that video became clear. The lineup of people to the right side of President Obama matches that of when he announced the Volker Rule for financial institutions which was on January 21, 2010. The link to the video that shows the image and date is located here

So Osama bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world, casually channel surfed by President Obama who would issue an order less than one year and a half later to remove him from his hideout in Pakistan.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misplaced Anger Over President Obama Getting Osama bin Laden

President Barack Obama

There are posts all over internet forums bordering on defending Osama bin Laden in zeal to make what President Obama ordered to be seen in the least favorable light. Some are asking if bin Laden's killing was legal, was a defenseless man shot etc, stop it.

The goal was to get this man that killed thousands of Americans and it was done. Just because some don't like the President that ordered it should not matter. It seems that the prospect of Osama bin Laden being alive and free is preferable for some of the Obama detractors, if that is the case, it is pathetic.

The latest talking point is the say that President Obama was just following the lead and used information from President Bush. It is obvious that this was a blow to the gut to some of those opposing President Obama that bin Laden was taken out in such a bold way and our Special Forces did it without any loss of American lives.

Osama bin Laden was an enigma sitting out there that seemed to be untouchable. He was behind the death of thousands of all faiths, races and political affiliations. Our way of life was affected due to the actions of bin Laden. The terror alert system and the way we travel were touched by his actions. Even our current financial situation was in part caused by bin Laden. The expensive ten-year war in Afghanistan was a direct result of the attack on the twin towers on 9/11.

Osama bin Laden is gone and we should all be together as Americans as one that caused so much pain is no more.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama, Bush And Credit For Getting Osama bin Laden

President Obama Announces Osama bin Laden's Death

Using a one-way time machine, somehow President Bush is getting a lot of credit for killing Osama bin Laden almost three years after he left office. On the other hand, Bush supporters say to stop blaming Bush for the failed economy. Which did he have a larger hand in causing.

President Obama made the crucial decision to use Special Forces to get Osama bin Laden instead of dropping bombs and missiles that would have left no evidence of completing the mission. The revisionists are hard at work to spin this into this as an event set up by the Bush administration that just required president Obama to give a simple order. This is an insulting line of thinking meant to diminish the accomplishment of President Obama and his administration in tracking down and taking Osama bin Laden out while boosting the role of tactics used by the Bush administration.

Osama bin Laden was a thread that ran through three administrations starting with President Clinton, but the administration that took him out was that of President Barack Obama. This was something that shut a door on a period of time that changed the United States. The attacks on September 11, 2001 changed the way we live. Terror alerts, security pat downs and ten years of war have worn on the public. The financial and human costs of ten years of war also added to the nation’s burdens.

The image of this one man that acted as an inspiration to a movement hung out there as a myth. He seemed to be untouchable and some doubted that he was still alive. Now Osama bin Laden is gone and amid the sighs of relief comes a campaign to revise history for political purposes. Some seem to be more concerned that this momentous event occurred under the orders of President Barack Obama because it does not fit a certain narrative.

President Bush and President Obama are almost polar opposites in their approaches and demeanor. Bush was prone to bombastic statements such as “shock and awe” and “mission accomplished” while Obama has a more detached low key approach that lends itself to be misinterpreted as being weak on issues such as defense. Obama is a task oriented leader that will weigh options, make a decision and take action. President Obama, the professor, made the call that took out the most wanted man on earth and when it was over he stepped up to a microphone and announced it to the world and left. There was not gloating or bravado, but that part of the mission was accomplished.