Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Could Libya Become Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis For Next Election

 President Barack Obama

Could the military intervention in Libya do to President Barack Obama what the Iran hostage crisis did to former President Jimmy Carter? For those that don’t remember, former President Jimmy Carter ended his first term with U.S. hostages held captive in Iran as he ran for reelection against Ronald Reagan. Reagan won in a landslide.

The Iran hostage crisis came about as U.S. citizens and diplomats were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Teheran, Iran. This went on for 444 days and included a disastrous rescue attempt that included helicopter crashes in the desert. The crash of a United States F-15 Strike Force Eagle fighter jet in Libya was the first opportunity for this to spiral out of control for President Obama. A story titled “Libya: US fighter jet crash lands in field near Benghazi” by

Muammar Gaddafi it could have been the beginning of a nightmare for the airmen, the nation and President Obama. The symbolism of the Gaddafi holding two American military men and the propaganda he could have unleashed could have been the beginning of the end for President Barack Obama. Luckily the jet crashed near Bengazi where the rebel forces opposing Gaddafi have control.

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