Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breitbart Says Presidency ‘beneath’ Sarah Palin, She Should Be Like Oprah

Sarah Palin

Andrew Breitbart, of the Shirley Sherrod saga, stated that the White House is ‘beneath’ Sarah Palin and she should become like Oprah and become a king maker for 20 years.

Before you grab your reading glasses, an article titled “Andrew Breitbart says White House 'beneath' Sarah Palin” by Jed Rosche March 23, 2011 and published in the Politico detail Breitbart’s complete statement. Let’s really examine the thought process behind the thought. Being Preisdent of the United States has always been thought of as one of the ultimate achievements available on the planet. There is only one President as a time, the maximum term is 8 years and awesome responsibility rest on this person’s shoulders.

Being a powerful media figure like Oprah Winfrey is also a lofty achievement and Oprah is the one and only of her kind. The real question is whether Sarah Palin could be either President of the United States or achieve the media status of Oprah Winfrey. To become President requires an appeal to and support from an electorate beyond a small core of fervent supporters. To become Oprah Winfrey requires and appeal to and support from the public beyond a small core of fervent supporters. Wow those things seem to be astonishingly similar.

According to the Politico article, Breitbart’s dream Republican Presidential ticket for the 2012 election is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Florida Congressman Alan West.

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