Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaddhafi Moving Bodies Around To Fake Bombing Deaths

Muammar  al-Gaddhafi

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates asserted that Gaddhafi’s forces may be moving the bodies of those killed by their regime to sites bombed by the coalition in order to claim civilians were killed in the strikes.

If this is true, it is the most macabre stagecraft, but not out of the realm of reality when engaged with someone who seems to be in a state of mind not understood by most people. Are we really dealing with someone with conventional ideas of what it means to win or lose?

An article titled “Robert Gates On Libya Violence: No Proof Of Civilians Killed In U.S. Strikes” by the Associated Press and published in the Huffington Post details an interview Gates gave on Meet The Press.

Most individuals don’t think about a propaganda war at this level. Gaddhafi could be inflicting violence on his own people and then use those poor souls’ remains to point fingers at the United States and its partners. There may be almost no way Gaddhafi concedes defeat regardless of the outcome. He will claim martyrdom, a stalemate or simple survival as victories.

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