Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Crude Oil Washes Ashore In Louisiana In March 2011

BP Oil Spill
Fresh crude oil is washing ashore in Grande Isle Louisiana and must have triggered flashbacks of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill disaster.

Sources report that the slick was two miles offshore during the weekend of March 19 and 20, then it begin to wash up on beaches and other parts of the coastline. In actions that mirror activities during many oil spills the coast guard said it would deploy oil booms.

It appears at least on source of the spill has admitted responsibility. An article titled “One Gulf Oil Spill Source Found But Slicks May Be Spreading” by Rocky Kistner March 23, 2011 and published in The Huffington Post discusses the details of the cause. Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners is a Houston based company and admitted that a nonproducing well was the source of the spill.

This is just a reality check after many days of reports about the real nuclear power disaster in Japan that our primary source of energy, fossil fuel, is not a poster child for safety. What it really points out is there has to be a better way for man to meet his energy requirement that does not involve on method or another that can unleash forces that can destroy the environment and lives.

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