Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Are Voters Controlled More Than Guns

Nothing clears your head like calling out hypocrisy and shameful pandering to a powerful interest group. These are the times when you know who is really running the government and it’s not regular citizens. One glaring example is the reactions to the real issues of actual gun deaths versus almost nonexistent real voter fraud.

Multiple states are engaged in passing more restrictive voter identification laws for the 2012 election although an article by Hamed Aleaziz, Dave Gilson, and Jaeah Lee in Mother July/August 2012 issues found 13 credible cases of voter impersonation from the years 2000 to 2010 out of 649 million votes cast. What was the reaction to this almost immeasurable .000000000002% voter impersonation problem, stricter voter identification laws? Excuse me, but this does not sound like an election swaying problem that deserves the type of restrictive voter legislation that is coming from multiple states, unless there are other motives.

Gun violence is once again on everyone’s minds as a deranged man killed 12 people in a crowed movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado and wounded 58 others. In the year 2010 there were 10,000 deaths by guns in the United States according to an article by Jonathan Mann posted on the CNN website. What has been the reaction to the number of annual gun deaths and this latest mass killing tragedy, fear of doing anything at all. In fact laws have been relaxed in some instances to make gun ownership even easier over the years. No one is trying to end gun ownership, but why does any recreational gun owner or hunter need an assault rifle with a 100-round drum magazine.

Now if these two issues of voter fraud versus gun deaths were judged by the types of restrictions being implemented at the state level one would think that the impact of voter fraud was much higher than gun deaths, but it is just the opposite. So will it take 10,000 coffins lined up end to end through Washington D.C. Will it take a caravan of 10,000 hearses driving across the country to spur some action on extreme guns in the hands of civilians? This is not about the 2nd amendment because James Madison wrote it in 1789 when it took longer to load a gun with black powder and prepare it for firing one shot as it takes for an AR-15 assault rifle to empty a 100-round drum magazine clip. Compared to what was available in 1789, a regular citizen can purchase a gun at their local sporting goods store that would have been considered a weapon of mass destruction in 1789.

Why don’t they apply the voter impersonation standard of 13 over 10 years to gun deaths? Money, fear and politics keep politicians from opposing groups like the National Rifle Association. We may vote our government representatives into office and pay their salaries, but they are wholly owned subsidiaries of special interest groups.

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  1. Guns control are more important than gun owners rights.