Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Colorado Shootings – Where Are These Monsters Coming From

 How Many people thought that going to the movie theater would be the last act they did on this earth. How many family members thought that when their loved ones left home to do something as mundane as see a movie that they would never see them alive again. An unknown man named James Holmes altered the lives of many in an instant of fear and chaos.

What was in the mind of this man that carried out such an act? He didn’t care who was in front of his gun when he pulled the trigger be they young or old. There was no thought for the potential he was snuffing out in a few seconds. It seems that the act only took a few minutes, but he ruined many lives forever.

It seems that he bought a ticket and sat there among his victims before coldly leaving to put on his suit of death and arm himself for maximum destruction. Then he came back and proceeded to unleash carnage on a group of unsuspecting people. This monster didn’t plan to go down in flames as he was wearing body armor from head to toe and quickly gave up when the police arrived.


Sadly we seem to be having more of these episodes of lone wolf mass killers and something is broken that is acting as a incubation vessel for these ordinary looking monsters. Something is going on in our society that is creating these stealth characters that seem to be invisible and then they suddenly explode and wreak havoc upon the rest of us.

These episodes have occurred at workplaces, schools, grocery stores, universities and now a movie theater. It makes you wonder who is sitting, driving, living or working next to you. We all move about in the world with the assumed belief that everyone around us is rational. We can’t lose our sense of assumed security as we move about in our daily lives or we have lost our freedom at a level too deep to comprehend because fear is the worst prison of all.

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