Sunday, December 18, 2011

How Will Death Of Kim Jong Il Affect Presidential Race – Time For Grown Ups

Kim Jong Il
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Kim Jong Il the longtime leader of North Korea had died at the age of 69. One issue is how will this event affect the Presidential race for 2012? Who stands to come out of this with a stronger or weaker hand?

One school of thought is this will act as a cold reality check and bring people back to a reality of a world full of potential dangers and uncertainty. Serious candidates should benefit with a sudden shift of focus to how complex the world we live is and what it takes to navigate global political waters.

Those prone to casually throw around threats of invading and bombing other nations may find themselves walking very lightly in the short term. Until a sense of stability returns to North Korea it would be wise for tough talking politicians to practice some restraint. This could be the opening that serious individuals need to break through the noise.

President Barack Obama has shown his foreign policy credentials with decisive actions that are hard to deny and Republicans now have to show some weight in that even now more critical arena.  

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