Sunday, December 4, 2011

Herman Cain Pulled On Superman’s Cape

Herman Cain

The sad lesson of Herman Cain’s run for President is that it shows what happens when the wrong person gains traction and threatens to rewrite the desired script. When Cain polled at 2%, he was entertaining and no one cared. When Cain vaulted to first place in the polls, speculation about his bubble bursting abounded; it didn’t, so it was punctured.

Herman Cain was not a member of the club, but he was like a Ferrari on the same track with mini vans during the Republican debates and voters were drawn to his direct style and strong personality. It didn’t seem to matter if his proposal made sense, but many of the proposals being presented by other candidates didn’t make sense either.

Herman Cain was not really prepared to be President, but who is. If we needed to be saved from Herman Cain when he was leading in the Presidential polls, then we needed to be saved from Herman Cain when he was at 2%. Cain had issues in his past that came out, but none of it was proven, but it was enough to send him packing.

The timing of the string of allegations becoming public was no coincidence, it was meant to eliminate a wild-card interloper before anything that counted took place. If Cain wants to find the source of the exhumation of the skeletons in his closet then he needs to check the fingerprints from the knife in his back against those of his Republican debate opponents.

I’m no supporter of Cain or his policies, but what happened to him will further insure that many qualified individuals outside of the current political system will shun seeking the Presidency of the United States. The next Republican debate will show that things have returned to normal as the stage will be filled with the usual cast of characters spewing sound bites, applause lines and anything else they think their desired audience wants to hear. Everyone on stage will be someone that either currently or has drawn a government paycheck as they proclaim to want to cut everyone's dependence on big government except their own.

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  1. I don't buy that at all. The reason that his scandals came out is because he was frontrunner. Nothing else. The fact that he was a wildcard is irrelevant. Perry's Niggerhead Ranch was the exact same thing. When they're nobodies then no one bothers to do a thorough background check. When they become important everyone looks into them. Cain's scandals were not new it's just that nobody had bothered wasting their time on a third-tier candidate until he reached the top. The other candidates didn't even need to bother since the news media jumps on that sort of thing anyway.