Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump Destroys United States' 241 Year Global Reputation - Unpatriotic Congressional Cowards Watch Silently

President Donald Trump

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy were all United States Presidents that were among the greatest in the 241 year history of this nation. These men and others that served in the highest office in the land led the United States from its infancy to the highest heights on the world stage. Over time the holder of the title of President of the United States was considered leader of the free world, until the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, took office.

It took 241 years for the United States to become the nation and society we took for granted in today's world. Americans have always thought of themselves as privileged among citizens of the world. We enjoyed freedoms and opportunities that many citizens of other nations could only dream about.

George Washington commanded the army that fought for the independence of the country and became the first President of a new nation. Abraham Lincoln led the United States through its most painful period of division during the Civil War and put the United States back together as one country and ended slavery. Franklin Roosevelt led the United States out of the Great Depression, led the world into the nuclear weapon age and brought the country into NATO as a member. John F. Kennedy caused us to reach for the moon and faced down the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis.Other Presidents left their marks on the history of the United States. Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act and conducted the War on Poverty with programs like food stamps and Head Start. George W. Bush ushered the United States through recovery after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Barack Obama led the United States out of the Great Recession, delivered the first national health care program and killed Osama Bin Laden who led the group that attacked the country on 9-11-2001.

Throughout the 241 years of history of this great nation, each President built upon the foundation of those that came before them. Despite his humiliating ending with Watergate, Richard Nixon opened relationship with China, announced the EPA and signed the Clean Air Act, but now we have President Donald Trump.

President Trump witnessed the Russians attack the United States using cyber warfare and, unlike Kennedy making them back down, Trump invited them attack us on live television. Unlike Roosevelt and Johnson who strengthened social safety nets for the poor and vulnerable, Trump  wants to rip the bottom out of them with tax cuts for the rich. Where Nixon signed environmental protection measures into law, Trump wants to rip the guts out of them in the name of business profits. Trump has been a rolling boulder destroying Presidential achievements like a bowling ball knocking down pins at a bowling alley. Nothing is safe or sacred with Trump in office.

The United States of American, the nation long looked to by free societies worldwide as a beacon of light, strength and protection is being withdrawn in to a giant turtle shell by it's 45th President. Donald Trump has been a growing catastrophe taking a sledgehammer to the legacy of out beloved country. Roosevelt brought us into NATO, but Trump insults them and has a hostile attitude toward our closest allies. With regards to our longest standing geopolitical adversary, Russia, Trump is involved in an unexplained appeasement with a country that just attacked the United States by meddling in our Presidential election.

Trump's team is under continuing investigation and he fired the director of the FBI while he was leading the probe into Trump's ties to Russian hacking into the United States election and if there was collusion with Trump aligned individuals. While the 241 years reputation of the United States earned with blood, sweat and tears is being burned to the ground by Donald Trump, a group of political cowards in what is supposed to be a check on an rampaging Executive Branch, Congress, sit by and play their fiddles as Trump continues to destroy us from the inside out. Putin's puppet is trying to fulfill the words of an earlier Russian Vladimir with a last name of Lenin who said:

"First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. We will encircle the last bastion of capitalism, the United States of America. We will not need to fight. It will fall as a ripe fruit into our hands." Vladimir Lenin the 1920s.

 Congress must grow a spine, rediscover what real patriotism means and stop Trump from destroying almost two and a half centuries of work building the United States into the greatest nation on earth.

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