Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump - One Person, One Vote, Remember!

Donald Trump’s supporters wanted it more and they got it. Anyone upset about the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election that didn’t vote for a different outcome or didn’t vote at all need to check their anger at the door. If you voted, period, congratulations! Those that were too busy, too distracted, didn’t care, thought it was going a certain way or thought their vote didn’t count, congratulations, because you got the result you deserved. In the words of President Barack Obama, don’t boo, vote, but it’s too late now! How many people watched the election returns come in and wished they could turn back the clock so they could walk a few blocks and vote, but it’s too late.

I hope that all those ready to march in the streets after the election marched to voting booth during the election.  The bottom line is that Trump supporters understood one person, one vote only counts when everyone votes for what they want or in this case what they didn't want. If someone didn’t vote because they didn’t get their desired results during the primaries, congratulations, look at the result you have to live with!


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