Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Santa Claus

It was days before Christmas and all through the land
Everyone was cheery and lending each other a helping hand
Laser Christmas lights were shining on homes and spreading cheer
Only occasionally blinding aircraft pilots flying near
Christmas stockings were hanging and ornaments adorned trees
Waiting for presents that would be opened on Christmas day to shouts of glee
Santa Claus had his sleigh serviced and ready to go
To deliver gifts to those expecting and those who did not know
On Christmas Eve with his reindeer in rare form
Santa was having a glorious Christmas Eve night, even better than the norm
Santa landed on a rooftop and walked toward the chimney stack
When suddenly there was a brilliant light shining on his back
Santa turned and faced the beaming light
But, he could not see anything because it blinded his sight
Who goes there said the jolly old elf
Don’t move and identify yourself
Came the amplified reply from below
Your immigration papers to me you must show
Immigration papers! I’m Santa Claus out spreading cheer
Don’t you know that I do this every year!
I think I’ve heard of you, but that doesn’t make it right
For you to illegally cross our border every Christmas night
I don’t have immigration documents with me when I’m delivering toys
I bring cheer to all the good girls and boys
Yeah, I understand you say that is your goal
But, I’m Donald J. Trump and sending your ass back to the North Pole!
Santa was handcuffed and flown out of the country with the lowest of moral
While his sleigh and reindeer were impounded in a coral
Without gifts from Santa to open, Christmas morning landed like a felled tree with a thump
But, that was just the beginning of life under President Donald J. Trump

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