Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charles Ramsey - Punished - That's Why People Don't Get Involved

Everybody has heard Charles Ramsey's name by now. He helped three women escape from a house next door that had been missing for ten years in Cleveland, Ohio. I knew from the moment he started to get a lot of media attention, someone would try to dig up dirt on him and tear him down and it has happened already. Domestic abuse arrests of Ramsey from over ten years ago were dug up by a media company. We really need to examine our culture of finding fault with everything and everyone.

What if Charles Ramsey had taken candy from a baby the day before he helped rescue three women and a little girl from the house next door, would it have made what he did less heroic, no. What happened to Charles Ramsey is why we have lousy politicians in office. If someone great wanted to run for office, but they had a stumble in their past why would they run for office because they know the the media will crucify them for who they used to be.

What if Chris Brown's limo had been driving down the street and he saw this woman trying to escape that house and he freed her. What would people have said then. How about Michael Vick saving them? Now were getting somewhere. Heroes can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and have all types of backgrounds.

When will we stop looking for the dark cloud on the outside of the silver lining. We need the Charles Ramseys of the world because most heroes don't wear a cape or have a S on their chest. Some heroes are sitting in their living room eating a Big Mac when the opportunity to act comes along.



  2. The reason is that we are a sick society and as a result media coverage of this type is highly profitable.