Saturday, December 15, 2012

“Your Child Is Dead”

“Your child is dead.” Imagine that those words are said to you. Those are the most chilling words parents can hear and after going into shock they want to what happened. If the answer to that question is they were shot while they were at the mall, grocery store, restaurant, movie theater, church, college, high school or in their elementary school classroom by a disturbed individual with a lethal arsenal of guns, there is no understanding and it is unacceptable.  How many parents have to hear those chilling words before we become fed up enough to do something about it?

Newtown, Connecticut marked a new low in what someone will do to inflict pain on others to draw attention to whatever demons or issues he was dealing with. First he took the life of the person that brought him into the world and then extinguished the futures of 20 children just venturing into the outside world and scarred others across the nation with his actions. Six educators gave their lives during his rampage. How could a man walk into a room full of small children and do what this person did? This so-called man with premeditation put on body armor, loaded multiple weapons with ammunition and decided that on December 14, 2012 he would enter history as America’s greatest modern child killer.

If this does not throw cold water into the faces of those in positions of power to take action to put some kind of parameters on our out of control culture of gun worship, then we will just slide into the abyss. These little children had no chance in this situation. Some that will always say that there should be no restrictions on personal gun ownership are already trotting out the tired old response that the teachers should have been armed and they could have ended this earlier are just lost causes. When these determined human killing machines come on the scene suited up with body armor and military levels of firepower it is not a contest, because they have the element of surprise in an unexpected venue.

If we can’t grow enough of a spine now to stand up to the gun lobby, National Rifle Association and the money it threatens politicians with then nothing will ever change. The answer is not for everyone to walk around armed to the teeth. I don’t want to feel I need a machine gun in my home and on my person to feel safe. Hunters don’t need battlefield level weapons to hunt game. There is no need for what is going on in the name of a constitutional amendment written over 200 years ago by men that could not even conceive of modern weapons that would allow one man to kill so many so quickly.

Please, don’t tell me how many people are killed in car accidents annually and ask if we should we outlaw cars because that is a false comparison because cars are not specifically designed to kill. Car accidents are due to a number of factors, but usually mass murder intentions are not one of them. Spare me the guns don’t kill people, people kill people statement. People with guns kill people and people with assault weapons kill a lot of people quickly.

Everyday someone is getting a call informing them that their child, husband, wife or other loved one is dead at the hands of someone in possession of some mass killing machine that should never be wielded in civilian society. This horror should be enough for action and if it isn’t then there never will be enough. Pray for the families that lost their children and other loved ones during this horrific event.

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