Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan – The Boss And The Axman

Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan as for Vice Presidential running mate and it makes perfect sense. Romney has clearly signaled his desire to protect and increase benefits for the wealthy and Ryan already has the plan written to make that happen with the Ryan budget plan. Watch out grandma, your Medicare voucher is in the mail.

Of course Romney will say that there will be no changes for those currently on Medicare or Social Security, but just throw your children under the bus. There is no doubt about what is at stake in the next election. There is a choice between moving towards a two-tier society or one that is aimed at restoring the great middle class that once powered this great nation.

There are both long and short term implications to Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan. Romney needed to change the subject because he was being revealed as an out of touch plutocrat that feels he does not have to play by the rules everyone else does. After a disastrous trip abroad that saw Mitt Romney or his tea insult one group or another at every stop he needed to shift the focus.

Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his running mate as a shock to the system, but the fact remains that it is Mitt Romney running for President. Romney has been even accused of not paying any income taxes for several years by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and yet he won’t release more tax returns to clear up the issue. Mitt Romney you can’t hide behind Paul Ryan because you are the one running for President.

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