Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dancing On Caylee Anthony’s Grave

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her young daughter Caylee. Now everyone including her mother, jurors and television show hosts are dancing on her grave with eyes toward making money.

There has been a change in attitude since O J Simpson was acquitted of murder. O J was a pariah and no one wanted to touch him from a commercial standpoint, but Casey Anthony is a different story. Due to the absolute media lust for ratings and tabloid sales, nothing is off limits. O J Simpson was on trial for the death of two adults possible at his hands. Adults have a chance, they can fight back. Caylee Anthony was 2 years old when she disappeared and was later found dead.

Why will Casey Anthony profit from the death of her daughter? Some reports estimate that Casey could earn $1 million for her initial interview and a possible book deal is reportedly already in the works. O J was famous and then became infamous. Casey Anthony was unknown and became infamous. Casey Anthony is young, petite and appears nonthreatening while O J Simpson was a Hall of Fame professional football player.

At least one Casey Anthony juror was seeking money for an interview. Some television hosts used the trial to build up their ratings. Somewhere in this orgy of excess a little girl was lost in the mix. The tragedy of this case was that it was all inside one family. Parents of the accused were also the grandparents of the dead little girl and their daughter could receive the death penalty if she was found guilty.

The public believed that emotion would convict Casey Anthony, but a lack of any firm connection to her causing Caylee’s death generated a not guilty verdict from a jury. This is a new world compared to the time of O J Simpson. Now the famous and infamous walk down the same road and both are rewarded financially.

A little 2-year old girl died and now the vultures feast off her bones in the graveyard.

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